Can I book my appointment online?

Nothing beats a phonecall. We’ll discuss what you want done, so that we can block enough time for your appointment. And you have the certainty of immediate confirmation, with the stylist of your choice. Contacting us on Business WhatApp on 0612412514 is also an option.

Is it possible to change or cancel my appointment?

Offcourse, change or cancel your appointment 48hrs before! Unfortunately we need to charge 50% of the amount when not cancelled on time.

Why do you have equal prices for men and women ?

The price is based on the time scheduled. We pay equal attention to short and long hairstyles. Also, we think that it’s a bit outdated to assume that men have short and women have long hair! 

Does a student pay less ?

Yes! on the tuesdays,wednesdays and thursdays they do.....15%........We have to take good care about the future and also let them look stunning. Just show us "live" your student membershipcard.........we'll do the rest.

Why doesn’t GOULD work with different rates for junior and top stylists ?

Everyone at GOULD is a top stylist with many years of experience.

How much time should I reserve for my appointment ?

For a haircut, you can count on 45 to 60 minutes. A colouring appointment plus cutting takes about 2,5 hours (in which we’ll keep you well hydrated).

Why don’t I see any hairstyle catalogues at GOULD ?

We said our goodbyes to these frumpy lookbooks long ago. Why don’t you leaf through the latest Vogue and Esquire and we’ll get just to the right style for you.

What does the name GOULD mean?

Nothing!......An ad agency thought it up for us. They thought it sounded just the way our place looks!

How can I pay at GOULD?

With PIN, Mastercard, VISA and AMEX. GOULD DOESN'T accept cash.

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